Jacy Bayer- Investigator

Jacy has been a part of the A.P.S. Crew since 2013. The diversity of topics that Jacy has knowledge of are valuable to the entire team and make us more well rounded when we are debating all things paranormal. During her off time she likes to hang out with her pup Grayson, attend horror conventions and listen to music. 

Administrative duties: Religion and Theology Historian

Ryan Williams- Founder/ Tech Manager

As one of the founders of Antietam Paranormal Society, Ryan has been a guiding force to the team for many years. Electrician by day, he brings a level of knowledge that is important to all of APS cases. When he isn't working or investigating, Ryan is traveling with his wife Laura and spending time with his family. He loves to go to concerts and try local craft beer. 

Anna Boyer- Junior Investigator- Since 2018

Ashley Roush- Field Investigator- Since 2021

Cole Palmer- Field Investigator- Since 2022

Linda Xavier- Prob. Investigator-  Since 2022

Rebecca Boyer- Founder/ Case Manager

Case Manager, Website/FB Admin and PR are only a few of the things I do for A.P.S.  I enjoy all aspects of paranormal research and investigation PLUS all the things I do for the team.  I have always been interested in the paranormal field to further my knowledge and education.  I am a mother of three and have been married to Jeremy for almost 22 years.   In my free time I pretty much walk, talk, and breathe something to do with the paranormal.  Over the past 13 years I have made my team, my goals, and clients my number one priority however I hope to broaden our interests to include more of the community.  I don't just want to help those who are experiencing activity, I also want to help those with motivation to know more just as I do.

Jeremy Boyer- Founder

Truck driver by day and ghost magnet by night.  Jeremy has been investigating the paranormal since the founding of A.P.S.  He has always been interested in figuring things out; if he doesn't know something, he will eventually!  He enjoys working with current equipment such as the spirit box and developing new tech gadgets.  He is a valuable member of the A.P.S. Crew and with all aspects of paranormal research and investigation. In his free time away from big trucks and the paranormal, he enjoys coaching baseball and has the gift of gab.  (Anyone who knows him can vouch for his gift!)

The A.P.S. Crew