Are you or someone you known having paranormal experiences in a home or business? Complete the request below to get your case started. Interested in how we investigate? Check out our All About A.P.S. page to learn more about the investigative process. All investigations include historical research, deed research, and a detailed Final Report for the client with anomalous audio and video clips on a DVD/CD.

NOTES: Not all cases require an investigation. Please make sure to include ALL the information requested and answer any questions to the best of your knowledge in any communication. Antietam Paranormal Society does the best to find answers however cooperation of the client is imperative. We ask that every client keep a journal with dates, times, people, area, and experiences that happen in the home or business. We take our research very serious and hope to help to the best of our ability. Not all investigations yield results, so in many cases several investigations are required to make a firm conclusion. 

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