Types of "hauntings"...

Below we have listed the commonly used terms that identify different types of hauntings and entities that may be present in a location or around someone having paranormal experiences:

*Intelligent- This type of "haunt" identifies with being that of a spirit or entity that can communicate with the living. They are able to respond to questions, conversations, or actions in some way.

*Residual- This type of "haunt" identifies with being that of a spirit or entity that cannot communicate with the living. It almost appears as a loop of the spirit or entity doing something at similar intervals. It could be the same time of day, same time of year, or even same day. 

*Negative- This type of spirit or entity is not friendly. It can exhibit anger, hatred, and other negative emotions and actions. The common theory is that if a person was nasty in life they are probably nasty in the afterlife. In most cases these spirits or entities are intelligent.

*Poltergeist- While the term means "noisy ghost" in German the term has come to identify with specific criteria. Usually a poltergeist has a human agent of which the activity surrounds or is the catalyst. Usually the human agent is experiencing puberty, stress, or other extreme life event. Cases like these usually have objects moved or thrown, disembodied voices, shadow figures, full bodied apparitions, and emotional distress. 

*Tulpa- While this term is not frequently seen, we as a group have seen several cases where this type of haunt is present. A tulpa is a human manifestation. It is when a human agent creates whether it is conscious or unconscious, the energy they put into attempting to communicate somehow manifests exactly what they 'believe' they are communicating with. In many cases these living beings that are manifesting these entities are ghost hunters or paranormal investigators that are perceiving incorrect information and thus using their energy in such a way that they manifest an entity. These cases show that the manifestations created do not leave with the human agent, in many situations they remain in the location where they manifested first. 

*Attachment- While this isn't a type of entity it is a type of haunt, a haunting of a person. When we communicate  or come in contact with a spirit or entity and we somehow connect energies, we create a energy cord. There are many cases that these entities or spirits are able to follow you home because of this or even contact you when you least expect it. In cases of attachment it is advisable to do a cleansing of your person. Remember to always perform a ritual for spiritual protection and attempt to cut any energy cords you may create.

*Demonic- This type of haunt or entity is extremely rare. In many cases investigators have noted negative emotions, possession, one percipient changes behavior drastically (anger, sadness, strange actions, and emotions), items are thrown around (in some cases towards others), smells of something rotten, a heavy tense feeling upon entering the location, and fear of the individuals involved. NOTE: This type of haunt should not be confused with negative spirits or entities, or even attachments. There are spirits that create an energy cord with the living and are able to create havoc and negative outcomes in a persons life. 

*Elementals- In many cases elemental beings are not harmful however they are forces of nature therefore their abilities are a case by case. These entities have never been human beings. The categories are undine, sylph, gnome, and salamander which corresponds to water, air, earth and fire.  

Moisture in photograph.

​Potential Reasons For Paranormal Occurrences/ Activity...

* Construction- Any type of construction in a building, home, or land that is taking place to alter it from what it was during the "spirits" time period. The reasons behind this could be they do not want it changed or the spirit attachment to the physical materials allow them to "reassert" themselves. One question we are asked is why is there no activity before construction but there is after? The spirits can go dormant after a time, this construction like we said before disturbs them in some way.
*Weather- Rain, humidity, thunderstorms, heat lightening, temperature, etc. Many things are said to increase activity. We are researching the potential of the weather to effect activity in locations.
* Stress/ Emotional Upheavel- The power of the human mind and body is so powerful that many experiences are thought to have occurred, create, or are instrumental because of human stress, emotional upheavel, etc. One example is a Poltergeist which is usually found to be due to a human agent and in many cases a young girl/boy reaching puberty.
* Moon Phase- While there are no firm statistics that show the moon phase has an impact on paranormal activity increase/ decrease, there are many who believe that it does. We are researching the potential for this, every investigation we do we document this information. If the moon affects the earth then it would go to show it would the paranormal.
* Bringing Someone Home!- There are many places that you go that have "spirits". Anyone could bring a friend home and not be aware of it. Spirits generally are pretty attached to people, places, and things in the location they are in, so this isn't usually the case. However there are times when you may acknowledge a spirit and they become "attached" to you, enough to follow you home. 
* Spiritual Locations- These locations are places where activity is going to be a given. They almost call to some spirits because of their connotations.
* Ideal Climate- When we say ideal climate we mean that the location just has the perfect elements for activity and for spirits to manifest in various ways. Near water, high emf, and any other natural element tha that would increase activity in any other location is usually prevalent here constantly.
* Historical Location/ Item- This means that a spirit could be attached to the building, land, home, or even an object. Why they are specifically attached to these physical things differs from case to case, but it is very common.
* Holiday/ Important Date or Time- In cases of the theory "Residual Hauntings" a date could be a potential reason for activity. If the date had special meaning to the spirit that is when they would show up. This also could explain reoccuring activity at the same times of day.​​

Paranormal 101


We've all seen them. Hazy balls in our pictures and videos. While they may seem like they are not supposed to be there, they definitely have legitimate explanations.  

The picture to the right was taken late at night when the moisture had begun to creep out and soak everything in sight, including the air. The colors of the "orbs" are relative to what the flash or surface was reflecting. Many of these pictures can be explained by moisture, dust, bugs, or other fine particulates that are not seen by the naked eye but the camera is attempting to make sense of these objects and this is how they appear. The difference in the appearance of the "orbs" whether it be color, texture, or otherwise; can be due to the surface of the particle and/ or the color it is reflecting due to the flash. 

Seeing faces in the orbs or a nucleus is simply explained by Pareidolia, which is the minds way of finding a pattern within chaos. Below I have provided Sony's response to the orb craze of recent years. 

Sony's Response to Orbs in Photos.

Bugs in photos.