paranormal experience log

Welcome to our Paranormal Experience Log! On this page you will note a form for paranormal experiences that you can fill out and submit to us. ALL OF THE INFORMATION YOU PROVIDE ON THIS FORM WILL REMAIN CONFIDENTIAL. This form is for our current case clients and for anyone in the public who wishes to share an experience they have had in any area of the world (especially local to us). DISCLAIMER: We are not able to give advice or form conclusions for every experience that is provided here. We may use the information provided within the team as a educational or research tool for continuing our exploration into the unknown. Every detail that you share with us could potentially be a small piece of the paranormal puzzle. Thank you for your input!

FOR CLIENTS: Use this form as a journal entry system for any experience you wish to relay to the team for your paranormal case file. Please fill out and submit this form as soon as you can after experiencing any phenomena. Please submit a new form for each experience. 

FOR NON- CLIENTS: Use this form to share any paranormal experiences. New or old, please share as much information as you can. If you are unsure of an answer please enter N/A in the prompt. Thank you for your submission!

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