Each Member is also responsible for administrative duties which include but are not limited to Case Management, Research, Equipment Tech, Case Liaison, Treasurer, Secretary, etc.

How we do our Investigations!
-First step is contact! We like to ask general questions regarding the activity that the client(s) are experiencing. We usually do this via email or phone conversation.
-Second step is a interview/ walk through of the location. We have had several clients request this be done at the beginning of the actual investigation night. In some locations however this is not possible, especially if the location is large. (We need to plan certain locations because of any logistical concerns.) 
-Third step is research. Our Research team investigates the location from top to bottom! Historical, geographical, and anything else that may pertain! (This step in some cases will be done after the investigation to rule out any preconceived ideas of the location.)
-Forth step is the investigation! The set up of the location includes baselines of EMF and Temp to note any fluctuations that could prove naturally anomalous (drafts or increased EMF). Then we set up stationary cameras/ recorders in the appropriate locations to document evidence or validate claims of activity. During the investigation we will do EVP sessions (asking questions to obtain visual, audible, or non-audible responses), during these sessions we may also utilize manipulatory items (K2, ball, items that have importance to the location or activity) to get responses. We note personal experiences, monitor the cameras for any anomalies, and make note of anything of import that a client should be aware of. 
-Fifth step...REVIEW! We go over all of our audio recordings, video, and baselines for a final report!
-Last and final step is Client Review! We will go over all Personal Experiences, Documented Evidence, Baselines, and anything else of note that happened with our investigation.  

A.P.S. Group Structure


  • Founders: Group Leaders/ Lead Investigators

  • Core Investigators: Core Investigators are main Investigators and having voting power for new members, guidelines, and other administrative changes.

  • Investigator: Investigators are fill in or part-time investigators when Core are unable to participate or when additional investigators are needed. 

  • Junior Investigator: Junior Investigations are between the ages of 18-20 years of age and have similar duties as to the Investigators. 

  • Prospective Members: These individuals are in a probationary period to determine if they will be added as full Members. This period lasts between 6 months to a year.​​

Adopt A Highway

May 2010 Antietam Paranormal Society signed up for Maryland State Highway Administration's Adopt-A-Highway Program! This is a way we can give back to the community and meet new people! Our "Highway" is Route 65 from Spielman Road to Taylors Landing Road (Fairplay to almost Sharpsburg). If you are headed out that way look for our signs!

All About A.P.S. 

Founded in April 2008

  • Antietam Paranormal Society's group of investigators are professional, dependable, and very serious in our endeavor.
  • To help clients, we hope to research and document evidence of the paranormal to validate claims.
  • We hope to gain further knowledge of the paranormal utilizing our equipment and our senses.
  • A.P.S. also collaborates with other paranormal groups and looks forward to continue this for years to come. 
  • All information, video, photo, and audio is kept CONFIDENTIAL unless we are given written permission by the client to release or publish. There will be NO charge to our clients for investigations.