Devil's Den

​Gettysburg, PA

The Dagmar Hotel

​Hagerstown, MD

Cockeys Tavern

Westminster, MD

Fort Frederick

​Big Pool, MD

Lamar Medical Museum

Middletown, Maryland

Point of Rocks Lockhouse 28

Point of Rocks, MD

Masonic Temple 

Hagerstown, MD

Glade Valley Mill

​Woodsboro, MD

Apollo Theater

​Martinsburg, WV

Haldeman Mansion

Bainbridge, Pennsylvania

Paxton Manor

​Leesburg, VA

Prospect Place

Trinway, Ohio

Four Locks Lockhouse 49

​Clear Spring, MD


  • First step is contact! We like to ask general questions regarding the activity that the client(s) are experiencing. We usually do this via email or phone conversation.
  • Second step is a client interview and walk through of the location. We have had several clients request this be done at the beginning of the actual investigation night however we will do prior walk through's if necessary.
  • Third step is research. Our researchers do extensive deed search, historical research, geographical research, etc. Some of our investigators choose to utilize the research for the investigation and some do not. It is a personal preference.
  • Forth step is the investigation! The set up of the location includes baselines of EMF and Temperature to note any fluctuations that could prove natural to the location. We then set up stationary cameras and recorders in the appropriate locations to document evidence, validate claims of activity, or to determine natural causes. During the investigation we will do EVP sessions, asking questions to obtain visual, audible or non-audible responses. These sessions may also include our investigators utilizing manipulatory items (K2, ball, or objects that are relevant to the location or individuals). Our investigators note personal experiences, monitor cameras for anomalies, and make note of all conditions that may be relevant to the investigation conclusion. 
  • Fifth step, REVIEW! We will sit down after the investigation to review all audio, video, photographs, and data to determine a conclusion. This can take up 6-8 weeks to be completed. 
  • The last and final step is Client Review! We will go over all Personal Experiences, Documented, Evidence, Baselines, Research, and other relevant data. This may not be the final step to every investigation. We have in many cases needed to repeat investigations and pursue further help to reach a conclusion for clients. Each case is different!

What we do and don't do!

  • CONFIDENTIALITY IS NUMBER ONE! We will keep all information regarding the case completely confidential unless permission is granted by the client. 
  • NO CHARGE FOR OUR SERVICES! All of our investigations are FREE of charge. 
  • WE DO NOT RID HOMES OF SPIRITS! In the case of a clients desire to remove, cleanse, bless, etc a house of spirits we may contact outside consultation. 


Click on the location name to see audio, video, history, and investigation information! These locations have given us permission to share a cursory amount of information for the purpose of education and sharing of knowledge.

Cresson Prison Complex

Cresson, Pennsylvania

Odd Fellows Lodge

Harper's Ferry, WV

Sachs Covered Bridge

Gettysburg, PA

Green Hill Farm

Sharpsburg, MD

​KOA House

Williamsport, MD

Horsey Distillery

Burkittsville, MD