2. Digital Voice Recorder

Photo includes non-contact thermometer that measures temperature of surfaces using laser and two Cen-Tech ambient thermometers.

Photo includes Maglite and Coast brand flashlights.

Photo includes Canon Rebel T6. We have several Canon Rebel DSLR cameras and a Canon Point and Shoot.

Paranormal Equipment Starter Kit

While not every investigator has paranormal adventures at night, we do encounter many dark corners that need illumination! The A.P.S. Crew investigators carry many flashlights but you really only need one. We choose tactical style flashlights that can have a white beam or red beam of light. The white beam is further reaching and helps to see documents during your vigil but the red beam light helps when you are around night vision cameras that don't adjust well to constant flashlight illumination. The red beam also really helps to keep your eyesight from continuously adjusting due to the extreme light and darkness present during an investigation.

One of the best ways to validate your experiences is to document your ghost hunt or paranormal investigation with a video camera. Our video cameras range from having a HDD (internal hard disc drive) to Hi8 cameras that have an excellent IR range. Video cameras can also be found that are modified to do Full Spectrum (Disclaimer: they have a broader spectrum range that includes UV rather than simple IR- Infrared Cameras). These are not necessary however you may need an IR illuminator to increase the night vision on your simple night vision camera.

3. Video Camera with Night Vision

Using a digital still camera for paranormal investigations or ghost hunts is a great way to document the location for posterity and to determine initial starting points for all objects and items in any location. There are times when you wonder how far the door was open, if an object seems like it's in a different place, or during review where items are in proximity to cameras, recorders, etc. Many people use digital still cameras to document paranormal phenomena as well. Make sure to research basic photography, camera functions, and any photography anomalies that can be explained prior to sharing any potential paranormal photos.

Thermometers while not necessary can be a valuable tool on an investigation or ghost hunt. We utilize them for baseline readings and for when we notice temperature changes during an investigation. Baseline temperature readings help us find drafts and to help recreating potential experiences of the client where temperature changes were noted. There are many types of thermometers in the market but we really like the ambient thermometers that measure the air rather than surfaces. When shopping around for a thermometer and/ or EMF measuring devices, you can opt to choose a device that measures both; like the MEL Meter or EDI. Be careful purchasing devices that are made for paranormal investigation because in some cases they have no guarantee or return policy and are not made to industry standards. 


Photo includes Sony Handycams and Sony Hi8 video cameras with Night Shot.


Getting started as a ghost hunter or paranormal investigator can seem pretty intimidating when you see all the equipment being used and the cost involved. The A.P.S. Crew is a firm believer of starting off small and working your way into the more complicated equipment, after all you really don't need all the blinky lights or beeping sounds to experience or document the paranormal. Here we have compiled a list of things we recommend you start your paranormal kit with listed from top recommendations to optional ones. Good luck and happy investigating!


4. Digital still camera

Not every investigator needs a trunk full of gadgets. Sometimes less is best!

6. Electromagnetic Field Tester

Electromagnic Field Testers are devices that read man made EMF radiation that is in any given area. While the debate still continues regarding the validity of EMF being used, emitted, or a by product of paranormal phenomena; we still keep it on hand as a device to rule out high levels of EMF that could cause paranormal-like experiences. It was noted in one home we investigated that the EMF errored this particular device in an area that the client continuously felt like something was watching her. We were able to give a potential explanation for these feelings which helped the client feel more comfortable in her home. We have also had experiences where these devices showed an increase in EMF in areas with no known source and had other paranormal phenomena occur. We utilize this device during baseline readings, when phenomena occurs, and to validate other paranormal equipment data.

Digital voice recorders unlike their analog counterparts, are extremely versatile and easy to use. While it may seem intimidating we recommend you find a budget friendly type of recorder first before making the plunge for a pricier version. There are many brands out there but the specifications for your recorder should always include PC compatibility or USB port for easy transfer of your digital files. Many EVP specialists also recommend that your device record in a .WAV format for uncompressed or uncompromised audio recording.  Digital Voice Recorders are also a great way to document your entire investigation with times, experiences, and more.



Photos include the Lutron EMF Field Tester.


Photo includes Tascam, Olympus, and Sony brand digital voice recorders.

5. Thermometer