Local Urban Legends

COMING SOON! Local urban legends in detail! Interested in hearing stories from Maryland, West Virginia and Pennsylvania? Check them out soon!

Paranormal Terminology

Need to understand that term that you are reading about? Here is a great resource just for you! Have a term to add? Send it to us via our Contact page!

The Paranormal has come to mean a lot of things to a lot of people. The definition used today is "beyond the range of normal experience or scientific explanation". We have included some of the best resources we can just for you the paranormal enthusiast and beyond! Our team has long been about education and helping not just the client but others who are interested in  the paranormal.

Paranormal Teams

Don't live near us? No problem ParanormalSocieties.com has an AWESOME resource for finding a team or group that is local to you, USA or International!

Paranormal Investigation 101

Learn the steps and stages of a real paranormal investigation team. Client communication, interviews, research, documents, the investigation, review, and analysis. Get the full disclosure of how the A.P.S. Crew handles a case!

Paranormal 101

We have gathered the information that is most asked for! Causes of activity, types of hauntings, explanations for common anomalies, rituals, and our views! Too much to list!

The Paranormal